What to Bring

What to Pack On a Fishing Trip
with Live Bait Sport Fishing

Many people are unsure of what to pack on a fishing trip. We have created a fishing trip checklist so you don’t forget anything before you leave the dock. Live Bait Sport Fishing provides all of the necessary fishing gear needed to catch fish. Although we supply the fishing gear, our ocean fishing charters last four to eight hours, so here are some critical items we suggest that you bring.

For those needing pampering, Live Bait is an active “working” fishing boat. It does not have luxury yacht-like accommodations. We recommend bringing additional pillows, blankets, manual fans, earplugs, hand sanitizers, nose plugs (for the fish odor), and pacifiers as you may deem necessary for your comfort.

Fishing Trip Checklist

  • Rubber-soled shoes: Boat shoes or sneakers are recommended, as the deck could be slippery.
  • Sun protection: Bring plenty of sun protection such as sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and lip balm. UV rays intensify at sea.
  • Motion sickness medication: If you are prone to motion sickness, it may be a good idea to get a prescription or over the counter motion sickness medication.
  • Food and beverages: Since you will be in the water for four to eight hours, you should pack enough food that will keep you satisfied for that amount of time. Furthermore, bring your drinks in cans or plastic containers. Do not bring glass on the boat.
  • Camera: You don’t want to miss taking a picture or recording a video when you reel in the big one.
  • Cooler: Although we will clean and bag your fish, you should bring a cooler so that your fish remains fresh during your drive back to your destination.
  • Jacket or windbreaker: The weather can change throughout the day, so it’s a good idea to bring a jacket or windbreaker. In addition, you can always check the weather forecast. A waterproof jacket can also protect you from the ocean spray.
  • No bananas today: Bananas are bad luck on boats all over the world. Leave them at home!

If you still have questions of what to pack on a fishing trip, please call us. We are available from 8am-5pm daily Hawaiian Standard Time.
You can also send us an email at [email protected].

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