Oahu Fishing Calendar

Best Time To Fish In Hawaiʻi

There are no set Hawaiʻi fishing seasons as fish consistently bite year round. The best time to fish in Hawaiʻi is every day since you never know when you will reel in the “big one.” However, factors such as ocean temperature, wind, and currents determine how much they will bite.

January to February

From January to February, the marlin season starts to decline. However, you can catch skipjack tuna (aku) and small yellowfin tuna (ahi) during this time. There is also the occasional mahimahi.

March to May

From March to May, mahimahi are more plentiful. In March, the mahimahi average 10-15 pounds, but as the season progresses they can get up to 40-50 pounds. You can also find a lot of skipjack tuna (aku) and yellowfin tuna (ahi).

June to August

Many anglers think the best time to fish in Hawaii is from June to August because it’s the peak time for catching yellowfin tuna (ahi) as they average over 100 pounds. You can also find ono (wahoo), mahimahi, and blue marlin (Aʻu B).

September to November

September to November marks the marlin and billfish season. The average size of marlin schools is 120 to 180 pounds. However, big blue marlin are still around with the average fish being over 500 pounds. Spearfish (hebi) also become more abundant. 20-50 pound yellowfin tuna (ahi) and mahimahi are common as well.


In December, you can occasionally find large bigeye tune (mebachi). Skipjack tuna (aku) and yellowfin tuna (ahi) between 40-50 pounds can also be caught.

The important thing to remember that this is just a guide. Sometimes fish hang around when they are supposed to leave and leave when they are supposed to stay. At Live Bait Sport Fishing, we will always try our hardest to help you catch fish.

Oʻahu Fishing Calendar

Check out our Oʻahu fishing calendar to see the Hawaii fishing seasons for the common fish found in Hawaiian waters.

Oʻahu Fishing Calendar

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