Fishing Charter Reviews

Live Bait Sport Fishing wants to make your charter boat fishing adventure a memorable one. We understand that the main reason why people charter a boat is to catch fish. Below are some of our fishing charter reviews; see what our customers have to say about us.

What People Are Saying

“On Monday 19 Dec 2016, we charter Capt Shannon and his deck man expert Steve to go out and do some deep sea fishing. Well, we were not disappointed at all the fishing was excellent 11 nice fighting yellowfin tuna. What a day and catch. These guys are commercial fishing so they go after the best fish. Saw a competitor bottom fishing with tourists in the area while we were bringing these boys in. Highly recommend. The seas were a little choppy and rough but the fish cooperated. My hats off to them both. Great boat and equipment. Design for real fishing.”

-Greg W

“These guys really know how to catch fish. They have a deep understanding of how to fish live bait and how to catch fish. Booked additional charters with them upon returning.”

-Carlton Y

“My son and I went out with another couple, great time. The fish weren’t biting that great but they were able to take us enough places to get us some fish. Caught some tuna that were then stolen by sharks. Sharks are tough to fight but lots of fun. They then took us somewhere else where we caught a MahiMahi. The most beautiful fish ever. When we got back they filleted the fish and split them up with the four of us. Very fair. Very safe and know what they are doing.”

-Keith C

“Great guides. Work extremely hard and are always trying to help you catch fish. Best fishing charter I have ever been on. We caught some beautiful mahimahi, and they then sent some meat with us to fry up that night, and it was awesome. We would highly recommend these guys. You will never fish with a harder working crew! Thanks, guys!”

-Tom S

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