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Live Bait Crew’s Fantastic Success Leads Anglers to Big Fish

The talented, hard-working and fun-loving crew of Live Bait Sport Fishing has had a lot of success catching fish on the Waianae coast of Oahu. The crew includes owner and veteran captain Shannon Frazier, captain Jerrold Michael McNulty, crew member Stephen Pryor, and Nami Nishikawa Frazier, who takes reservations and promotes the business.

So round up your crew and join our crew today at Live Bait Sport Fishing. Give Nami a call today to make a reservation at (808) 696-1604.

Owner/Captain Shannon Frazier:

Shannon has been fishing most of his life. He has experience fishing in Cabo San Lucas, and for over 35 years he has fished in Hawaiian waters, including Oahu and Kona. In early 1997, he started fishing on the Live Bait with captain Dale Simmons off of the Waianae Coast. In August of 1998, Shannon purchased the business from Simmons and has been the owner and operator ever since.

As an angler, Shannon has lots of experience catching fish such as Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Spearfish, Mahi-Mahi and Marlin. As a captain, he enjoys sharing the excitement of big-game fishing with other anglers as they fulfill their dreams. He also holds the title of catching the biggest fish in the legendary Ahi Fever Tournament in Waianae.

Captain Jerrold Michael McNulty:

Jerrold, born on January 8, 1987, grew up on the ocean, sailing around the world with his parents when he was 8-12 years old on a 38-foot trimeran and owning his own by age 9. A 2005 graduate of Waialua High School, he was an all-star football player as well as a swimmer. After graduation, he started to work on charter boats as a deckhand, improving his already impressive fishing skills.

In 2009, he attained his captain license and has been running charters ever since. He joined Live Bait Sport Fishing as a captain in 2012, and he has had an extremely high success rate in catching fish from Ahi to Marlin. A surfer on his days off, he is full of Aloha, and he is modest, kind and loves giving the excitement of fishing to anglers.

Captain AJ Treu:

Captain AJ Treu has been fishing the waters off the Waianae Coast since childhood. He started working in the charter boat business over 20 years ago and has spent most of that time with Live Bait Sport Fishing. Captain AJ has also continued to fish commercially throughout the years before becoming a full-time captain. However, his love for the ocean not only covers the surface. AJ used to spearfish for a lot of the pelagic fish that he still fishes for today. His experience with spearfishing has given him valuable knowledge of the currents, tides, moon phases, and how the fish feed. He has a deep understanding for what it takes to be a successful captain. Summer and winter are Captain AJ’s most favorite times to fish, but he loves the challenge of catching fish year-round and works hard to make your fishing experience memorable. When Captain AJ is not on the water he enjoys spending time with his family.

Stephen Pryor:

Born on the East Coast, Stephen grew up fishing the tidal rivers and bays of the Chesapeake watershed as well as in the ocean off the coast of Virginia. Stephen is passionate about surfing, diving, fishing and showing people a great day on the water. After years of experience fishing in Hawaiian waters, Stephen is in love with the big game sport fishing opportunities this beautiful part of the world has to offer.

Whether it is cranking in Ahis, baiting up Mahi Mahis or hunting for trophy blue Marlin, Stephen will be there to make sure each angler has their best chance at landing that fish of a lifetime.

Nami Nishikawa Frazier:

Because of her love of the ocean, Nami received her marine biology degree at Tokai University of Marine Science in Japan. She spent her last years of college researching the spawning behaviors of corals and rock cods at the Okinawa Research Center. She makes reservations and promotes Live Bait in addition to doing other office work. She also interprets for any Japanese clients.

Her motto is “Respect the ocean and she will give you back the pleasure of nature.”