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The Live Bait Is Designed to Catch Big Fish

The Live Bait is a 31-foot Bertram Fly Bridge Sport Fisherman built in Miami, Florida. It is powered by twin 220 horsepower turbo-charged diesel engines and cruises at 20 knots. Located in the Waianae Boat Harbor on the west side of Oahu in the Hawaiian chain, the Live Bait is designed for offshore and coastline sport fishing for fisherman who want to go out for full-day and half-day trips.

There Is Plenty of Space For Anglers on Deck

The Live Bait deck layout includes an anchoring platform with a roller windlass forward followed by a broad open deck. She has a fully functional tuna tower, and the cabin is traditionally raked, complete with a private “head.” On the deck, there are plenty of seats for fishermen, and there are rod holders on the side of the boat to hold your rod.

Crew Provides The Top Tackle, Help to Land Fish

While guests can bring their own rods and equipment, we provide the tackle free to you. The rods have the strong test and well taken care of reels that allows fishermen to fight the biggest fish in the Pacific Ocean and ultimately land them. Our crew, owner and captain Shannon Frazier and captain Jerrold Michael McNulty will help you with snags and tying hooks and help bring the big fish onboard.

Do Not Worry! We Use The Best Navigational Equipment

The Live Bait has modern navigational and lifesaving equipment, is equipped with radar, a Global Positioning System, stand alone GPS indicators and a fish finder. We also have a cell phone, a satellite phone for emergencies and single side band radio, an EPIRB emergency positioning indicating radio becaon and a VHF radio. Lifesaving equipment includes life preservers, an inflatable raft, lights and much more.