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Giving Everybody A Chance to Catch Big Fish

Live Bait Sport Fishing gives fishermen of all levels the chance to catch huge fish off of the coast of Oahu by going on a charter trip. Our policy is to try to assure that everyone on the boat gets an opportunity to fight a fish and has enough fish to take home for a meal.

Our goal is to provide each charter group with 40 pounds of whole fish or about 20 pounds of filets. We provide ziplock bags to put the fish in, but bringing a cooler is optional.

Trust Us, Live Bait Will Attack Fish When Biting

To achieve our shared goal, we will only clean fish weighing less than 100 pounds, and any leftovers stay with the boat. The charter money goes toward maintaining the boat. This policy works to your advantage as it often means staying with a school of fish that are biting as opposed to being back at the dock when your time is up.

For more information about any of our charter services or to schedule your next big fishing trip call us today at (808) 696-1604.

We Provide Fishing Tackle And Affordable Rates

Do not worry about the fishing tackle! Live Bait Sport Fishing provides all of the equipment needed to catch Marlin, Wahoo (Ono), Tuna (Ahi), Mahi-mahi and anything else that has the misfortune to cross our path. Just bring food and drinks. We have affordable rates for full days and half days, see our rates below:

  • Full day: Minimum eight hours, up to four passengers, $750
  • Military (active duty) full day: Minimum eight hours,
    up to four passengers, $650
  • Half day: Minimum four hours, up to four passengers, $550
  • Additional passengers: $100 per person, maximum of six passengers
  • Tipping the crew: Although not in any way necessary, if you have a
    good day of fishing, tipping the crew is appropriate (20 percent is

Here Are Key Items You Need to Bring with You

While tackle is provided, passengers will be on the boat for four to eight hours, and they will need to bring some key items, including:

  • Rubber soled shoes: Boat shoes or sneakers are recommended, as the
    deck could be slippery.
  • Sun protection: Bring plenty of high intensity sun protection such as
    sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc. UV rays intensify at sea.
  • Motion sickness medication: If you are prone to motion sickness, it may be a good idea to get a prescription or over the counter motion sickness medication.
  • Beverages: When possible, bring your beverages in cans or plastic
    containers. Do not bring glass on the boat.
  • No bananas today: Bananas are considered bad luck on boats all over
    the world. Leave them at home!